Clotildep Pellicceria is an artisan fur company with a forty years experience in fur manufacturing. Our factory is located in Cervarese S.Croce, in Padova province, in the north-east of Italy, only 40 minutes from Venice.
This area was once the international centre of fur production and we too were born as fur manufacturers for the biggest fashion groups.   
In the 80’s the big fashion houses started to move to China for their production.
Instead, we chose to go on with our artisan tradition and we created our own 100% Made in Italy line.
We directly select sables, lynxes, minks, foxes and Persians in the world’s top auction houses in Scandinavia, Russia and North America and we tan them here in Italy in order to get the best quality and to guarantee the total absence of substances which could be noxious for your health.
All our articles are completely designed and produced one by one in our factory. They can be developed in all sizes, modified and personalized according to the final customer’s personal request, up to the creation of exclusive and unique products.
Even all the fabrics, buttons and all other accessories are accurately selected to guarantee a 100% Made in Italy product.
Our collections have achieved more and more success in the best ateliers in Italy and recently they have been establishing themselves in the most known showrooms all over the world.
Today, after many efforts and sacrifices, we can affirm that we are one of the few companies to directly produce and therefore guarantee that our articles are:
100% Made in Italy and 100% Made in Veneto region.